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炸金花58w棋牌游戏:About Us

Beijing Global Trade Software Technology Co., Ltd. is a  high-tech e-commerce services company ,which focus on providing e-commerce services to SMEs of China. Beijing Global Trade Software Technology Co., Ltd has industry-leading e-commerce search technology and global search engine marketing technology.We have launched two major products: www.qmkpm.club is China products catalog and online supplier community, Tradelink  (www.maoyt.com) is one-stop e-commerce solution & service to help SMEs get online inquiries or sell products online.

www.qmkpm.club helps global buyers, consumers buy or source through the Internet directly from the China factory warehouse at good price.  www.qmkpm.club has the most comprehensive collection of Chinese suppliers of data, covering the 3678 directories.
Tradelink is one-stop global e-commerce solution & technical service.Tradelink combines corporate Web site, B2B platform for the promotion, search engine marketing, precision marketing, and so on six major services.Tradelink is a very high return on investment of e-commerce services for SMEs.Currently, more than 1,000 foreign trade enterprises in the use of Tradelink's services.
Headquartered in Beijing, 300 employees in China, has branches in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Wuxi.

Help global buyers, consumers with convenient means to buy Chinese goods.

To be a respectable internet company.

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